IMPROLABO is an improvisation theater group and workshop/laboratory that began in Tokyo in 2009. Founded by director Takashi Takao with a rotating cast of actors, students and musicians, we simply try to follow improv guru Keith Johnstone’s advice to “give your partner a good time” to foster positive risk taking on stage. Our monthly shows are freely improvised, often funny but sometimes serious, using both short form styles as well as free long form scenes. While the shows are in Japanese, improvised theater is always a visual and physical experience that can be enjoyed in any language, and we encourage adventurous theater goers to come out even if their Japanese is limited or non-existent. We would be happy to meet you!

SHOWS happen every 4th Saturday of the month, with two sets starting at 6pm and 8pm, opening 15 minutes before each start time. Each set is ¥1000, or ¥1800 for both. The location is Koenji HACO Theater, which can be found directly under the tracks of Koenji station near the KFC to the west of the exit. The address is “Tokyo, Suginami, Koenjiminami 3-69-1” or in Japanese: 東京都杉並区高円寺南3-69-1. The Koenji neighborhood is a destination in itself, with many shopping and restaurant choices nearby.

We look forward to seeing you!